100Db (Ft. FriendlyFire)

from by Captain Cake

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The Final Track from Captain Cake's Debut Album: THE CAKE ZONE


Captain Cake:
One man, No band
Got my set list planned
On stage I stand
Microphone in hand
Laptop plugged in
Perfect Shape is pumping
Venue manager runs in shouting something
"Turn it down" he says
"It's way too loud
We're getting noise complaints from the older crowd
In the main bar, with every BUFF you yell
You need to keep it below 100 Decibels"
Well damn, apparently my sonic boom
Is drowning out the singer in the other room
And while she's trying to sing and play acoustic guitar
I got my techno cranked loud like in a bogans car
Well i'm no Rockstar, I'm a writer see
I've only got one laptop on stage with me
It's the same one, that I use in Cafe's
Writing literature and drinking soy Latte's
Okay, I make music the way I make love
Noisily, Clumsily, Solo usually
All this is new to me
but what the hell?
I can't keep it below one hundred decibels

V.M: Turn it down, Turn it down
For Gods sake keep that shit below 100 Decibels you boys

D-Dawg (FriendlyFire):
I'm gonna put on a show with my favourite band
Pick the best ones in all of Brisbane
FriendlyFire and Captain Cake on the same stage
Ready to usher in a new age
So before the show starts, I sneak off and smoke a joint
I toke up and sneak back into the joint
Captain Cake's about to begin
It's time to settle in
So I crank up the decibels
And let The Captain do his thing
That's when the manager comes over to me
"It's over 100 Decibels you have to turn it down you see"
But i'm too high to be dealing with things
I didn't even charge anyone to get in
And now i've got this dickhead in the middle of the crowd
Who put's on a Rock N' Roll show and says it's too loud
So I tell him what he want's to hear
And I start setting up my gear
If you think Captain Cake was enough to make you fret
Well, Things haven't even gotten loud yet

Things Haven't even gotten loud yet x4

Axel FriendlyFire (FriendlyFire):
Keep it under 100 Decibels
You're making all our guests lose brain cells
Dumb ass kids, and their stupid gigs
Too loud for the ones who come here to drink
They are under 80
But we gotta stay
Playing below 100 today
These bands are reckless and endangering
The noise that's coming from that room is crazening
Keep it down
Keep it quiet
Play it lower
Just be silent!
We don't want to encourage them
To Stay Violent
Angry kids at angry gigs
110 Decibels of noise
I can't hear the person next to me's voice
Shut it down
Call it quits
The music you're playing
Makes me sick
Frustration growing in the air
Like the sound is gas and the matchsticks bare
Catch on fire, Burn it down
We somehow burnt the venue to the ground with sound

V.M: Turn it down! Turn it down!
Captain Cake: I'm never playing below 100 Decibels ever again
It'll be nothing but 100 Decibels for the rest of my life
V.M: For Gods sake, Keep that shit below 100 Decibels you boys
Alright that's it! I'm turning it off!


from The Cake Zone, released March 10, 2017
Lyrics - Captain Cake
Vocals - Captain Cake
Laptop - Captain Cake

Produced - 5Y/OWithoutSupervision
Mixed - 5Y/OWithoutSupervision



all rights reserved


Captain Cake Brisbane, Australia

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